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The Only Masterfully Handcrafted Shoes With The Comfort of a Sneaker at a Reasonable Price

The Only Masterfully Handcrafted Shoes With The Comfort of a Sneaker at a Reasonable Price

John Candor Shoes are a unique category of leather, cross-occasion footwear that combine the look of dress shoes with the comfort of sneakers. Dress them up, dress them down. They’re incredibly versatile and are meticulously made by third generation artisan shoemakers in Colombia using top of the line materials hand-selected by us. Plus, each pair comes packed with premium features that don't force you to have to sacrifice style for comfort (or vice-versa).

Candor is a straightforward, honest, & sincere expression in how we run our business and bring our products to life. From our inspirations to your wardrobe, our direct approach to sourcing, creating, and delivering brilliantly handcrafted goods will not only exceed your expectations but prove that everyday elegance is within your reach.

John Candor

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Specially designed Orthotic anti-microbial insoles for all day comfort

"As an Engineer I travel constantly and always pack my John Candor shoes because it fits every occasion from work to social outings. They are extremely versatile and super comfortable." - Luis

"As a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist I feel comfortable going into the clinical setting and then going into a classroom to give lectures without changing shoes." - Junior

We disagree that only sneakers can be comfortable. That’s why we put breathable, ultra-soft, polyurethane orthotic anti-microbial inserts in every pair of John Candors. Whether you’re at the office, commuting through the city, bartending, or spending a night on the town, you can be assured you’ll be comfortable on your feet all day long.

John Candor

Hand-Crafted Construction That Will Last for Years

John Candors come in 4 styles and 5 colorways: buffalo brown, mustang brown, tan, dark blue and black.

Each pair comes with two different colored sets of laces so you can mix and match outfits.

John Candor

Factory Defect Warranty

All John Candor shoes come with a factory defect warranty and hassle-free exchanges and returns.

No Middleman, No Markup

Our projected msrp will be $180 and our Kickstarter price will start at $89 with free US shipping. By going direct-to-consumer we can pass these savings on to you!

Our direct-to-consumer approach means that you won’t pay the major markups found at normal retailers. This means better earnings for our suppliers in Colombia and bigger savings for you.

John Candor

Hand-Crafted In The Heart Of Colombia

John Candor shoes are made from premium top or full-grain leather and assembled at our hand-selected 3rd Generation shoemakers in Medellin, Colombia that largely employs single mothers. John Candor has deep personal ties to Colombia and we are committed to supporting their economy and their people with our business.

John Candor

Our Founder

Tired of having to choose between the comfort of sneakers and the style of dressier shoes or paying an arm and a leg for both, John chose to buck the status quo by hand selecting all raw materials and partnering with a 3rd generation shoe maker in Colombia. Then going direct to you with top quality footwear without retailer markups.

With his passion for leather and Colombia, he knew this was the right place to create John Candor — a revolutionary leather goods company that is redesigning classic products while supporting the Colombian community. For the past 5 years John has been an industry leader in ecommerce and international business.

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